He had another

You lived a happy family life, but one day everything changed. You learned that her husband loved another. No matter how it happened: you accidentally discovered themselves or husband admitted, unable to tolerate emotional anguish. It is clear that it is time to do something to save the marriage. What to do? In this situation we need to behave correctly. Read these tips, they can benefit you.

Think about what can give you the satisfaction right now, and take care of yourself. Sign up for fitness, swimming, yoga, Pilates. Think about your Hobbies, old friends. Also, remember not to rush into the arms of another for the sake of revenge husband is a path leading to exacerbate the situation, which will revenge itself. Do not avoid also conversations with him, although, perhaps, he will avoid them. Find mutual understanding with her husband. Finally, maybe the man and confessed his love to another just to pour out your soul, that you were a friend to him in this, everyone can see that difficult situation. What seems cruel recognition, may actually be asking for help.

He suffers terribly. Of course, you suffer no less. But in this situation, it can help considerably less than you to him. If you appreciate him and those years they were together, do everything to help him and to yourself to go through this test. If you want to tell all about his new hobby, listen and make an effort not condemn. Want to keep let him hold his peace. Tell him that you love him and want to be with him that is ready to fight for his feelings. Find out what it means "to love", what feelings awakens in him "other", and how they differ from those that he has for you (he certainly has and will make a choice in your favor). Maybe he just wants it? And again, no offense to it, and use it for self-improvement. Myself, only better, you will become a useful, even if parted with her husband.

And remember: your husband is the third time made a choice in your favor: the first time when I decided to meet with you, the second time - when he wanted you to marry, and third - even when in love with another, you, and not she had the advantage.

You hurt what he thinks about the other. Finally I can play with him - tell me that, too, think about each other (by the way, nobody forbids you to do it actually is). Sexual fantasies are often disappointing, when the dreamer is beginning to implement them. In addition, your man may have experience of sexual intercourse with the other, and then, thinking about it, he would rather not very imaginative, and recalls. In this case, become better, samosovershenstvovaniya. But don't make it, don't try to be like her appearance, behavior or character (if you know who "she"). You must be inwardly convinced that better. Let him feel that not only depends on it that you will be together in the future. Finally, declare a ban on sex, say, for a week. And be wildly sexy, buy yourself some new clothes and linen, change your hairstyle or hair color. Any man that will attract. Learn erotic massage review Kama-Sutra" or the encyclopedia of sex. Ask in-store publications on family psychotherapy or find a professional psychologist.

Be different. Be intangible, never let your man to feel that you belong to him completely let puzzles, where again she is so beautiful. His question playfully flirt (Yes, with her own husband) and do not say anything specific. Do not berate him for his passion for another, better make jealous.

Think of what happened, as if your marriage has grown from old clothes. Time to learn to live together otherwise. And then, eventually, every effort will bring the much-coveted and long-awaited results.

Dreaming of a happy marriage, we can imagine anything, but what we represent, and what he is really different things. In particular, among men is common complex with the double morality: they choose decent women with many virtues which will be faithful and good wives, the mothers of their children, and excite and entice their sexual loose women, which, in turn, they never take to wife. As a result, completely satisfied this type of men cannot be any woman.

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