How to spice up sex life: everything is easier than it seems

How to spice up sex life: everything is easier than it seems to diversify the sexual jiznennaya people at some point of life begin to remember with nostalgia the beginning of the relationship with their regular partners or spouses: the time from the views and touching the skin was covered crawl, and the sex was so passionate and bright. Over time sex in many pairs is becoming more and more rare, and the passion remains only a memory. In the bedroom no longer burning candles, Lacy underwear was lost in the depths of the Cabinet and replaced it with something more practical, and talk about children, loans, problems and prospects at work before bed does not help partners again to feel attracted to each other. Yet sex is not completely gone from your relationship, you need to make efforts to diversify the sexual life.

To date specifically for sex

Dating should not remain in the past with the completion of the so-called sweet-bouquet period, but in the permanent relationship they might be a little different. They may be held traditionally in restaurants or bars, cinema, theatre, skating, bowling, Park, or for dinner and watching movies at home, but to finish, necessarily, in the bedroom. Simply select the evening for two, and receive from him the most pleasure.

Someone this idea might seem a very unromantic: isn sex should not be a spontaneous result of a gust of passion, which unexpectedly covered spouses? Is sex with someone you need to make in your schedule, as some meeting or driving courses? Family psychologists say that all have at least two options. The first is to wait for spontaneous sex; given the tight schedule considerable part of the population of the planet, the wait can take months. The second is to become Mature, to become free from the burden of views on how and what should be quietly to appoint each other meetings, and enjoy them. In the end, why you can plan a joint trip to a ski resort, and the night for sex not? From this your marriage date will not be less romantic, besides, both of you will have to anticipate that it could become a fresh current of air in your relationship.

Get out of the house

This is one of the best recommendations on how to diversify the sexual life. You cannot underestimate the importance of climate change: as it helps with fatigue at work or milder forms of depression, and in cases when the couple have problems with sex.

If you have lived together for several years, sex probably been commonplace. By the end of the day both partners get tired, and the joint life does not help re-ignite the passion. Even in his own bedroom is very difficult to relax before bedtime many people think not about sex, and how did they service, if there are any errors in the report that tomorrow need to show the boss will pay rise this year, what will the cost of repairs to the machine, and so on and so forth. So from time to time is a good idea to go somewhere together, and spend a couple of days exclusively with each other. Not necessary to take a vacation and go to a distant island with white sand and azure sea; even a weekend in a small country hotel will help you to diversify the sexual life and to escape from everyday worries.

Change the interior of a bedroom

Regular night even in not very expensive hotels can afford only the unemployed, childless and very rich couple. All others should pay attention to my bedroom. What thoughts and desires causing you this room? Going into the bedroom, you want until morning to indulge in it in carnal pleasures, or you just sigh, looking at the mountain avigliano service, folded on the chair near the marital bed? Not necessarily make a mirrored ceiling and buy a rotating bed - even small changes to the interior can produce the desired effect. For example, put in the bedroom a few candles, buy new curtains, bedspread and sheets, remove all unnecessary things (it concerns the mountains and things waiting for them smoother and, for example, pictures, grandparents and parents, who usually do not contribute to the outbreak of passion between spouses). Decorative pillows and artificial skins of animals, a couple of accessories - for example, the original metal candlesticks or wooden sculpture is perfectly complement the interior. Finally, remove from the bedroom TV or at least, try not to include it before you have time to hug and kiss her husband.

Realize your desires and learn partner desires

Any person, even brought up in a very strict rules, there are certain sexual fantasies. If your partner were to ask you, what is your biggest sexual fantasy, or exactly you would like to change in your sex life - what would you say? If you are not sure, you know that you are alone - and probably most of the people understand what they want in sex something else, I don't know what it is. Be honest with yourself: what excites you most about what you think when masturbating, or masturbated before, what kind of erotica or pornography you like more than others? When you find the answers to these questions, share your desires with your partner. Ask him also frankly tell you about his desires.

Try something new

This is probably the most obvious advice for those that want to diversify their sex life, but many couples for one reason or another, do not follow him. People generally resist any change, especially changes in the sexual sphere. Moreover, the longer people together, the more traditional, as a rule, becomes their sex. They feel myself more relatives than lovers, and often simply afraid to admit to each other that they want something more than the standard intercourse. You only need to overcome their own fear, and you will see that even small changes in the sexual life can greatly improve your relationship in General - you will again look at each other not only as to the spouses and the parents of your children, but as a welcome lovers. Start, for example, with sexy lingerie and sex toys, and if you want something else, to decide on new experiments will already be easier.

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