How to love a man?

Perhaps the question of how to love a man will seem to many strange. Because love itself comes unexpectedly and chooses representatives. You can't control your love feelings and tell yourself who to love and who will not. Turns out you can! Immediately another question, why try to love a man? However, there are such situations when the girl mind understands that the fate brought her to a worthy man ( and healthy, and beautiful, and kind, and rich, and generous, and intelligent, but still loves her madly, with whom be able to create strong family. And here lies the soul, do not tremble heart. But I want to love, not all work relationships on calculation (I mean not only material, but also normal healthy common calculation). What can you do? How to love a man?how to love a man
In such a situation is to seek help from your mind.
There is proven by scientists and psychologists theory: the thought is material. On this basis, built many successful techniques, how to believe in yourself, how to be successful and so on. So why not to use this idea to love a man? It is definitely possible. The main thing is to act.
Start with the fact that highlight two or three positive features of your men, not found in other familiar men. It should be important to you. For example: he is intelligent, he has a great sense of humor, he is rich and generous, he is healthy and strong, etc. Each time thinking about it, repeat these qualities. Praise him in your thoughts for these qualities. And if you pop into your mind the thought that he has some shortcomings chase away these thoughts. Have some faults. He has disadvantages such that you can live that you can adjust. The main thing is his positive traits. Much more effective this method will work, if you all are not just thinking to myself, and to speak himself. Better yet, tell about it to her friends about how good it is. Repeatedly voiced the idea gradually becomes a reality to you, pravdic you can love a man
You should also try to visualize the image of a man in your dreams. Daydreaming about how you are going to travel together, about my wedding, the birth of children. Create figurative images in your mind. And strictly beware that the brain gave it his image in your dreams. If in your dreams you will see next to him another man, then immediately think about its shortcomings, even fictional. For example, random in your dreams handsome very aggressive and constantly messes with all the fights and arguments, or it is unable to listen to you, interrupts and says about her, for your honeymoon, he chose a trip to the country, etc. Imagination in women is perfectly developed, so this should not have difficulties.
Well, actually dig in itself. Look for the reason why you cannot love the "right" man. Maybe its the way you associate with unpleasant man. Then it is necessary to work on the suggestion myself that all people are different. Maybe you are by nature a hunting woman and you need to take it, already in love with you, he will not interesting? Then dwell on the topic of jealousy. Imagine him with another woman, that he is paying another note, gives tenderness, expensive gifts. While you are away.
In search of the answer to the question, how to love a man, remember that love is certainly a wonderful feeling. But strong marriages, long unions are based not only on love. Love is a passion. In marriage is more important than respect for each other, understanding and support, confidence in his chosen.

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