The erogenous zones of women: where is the passion?

Sensitive woman's body is one big erogenous zone. And, in fact, a man is very difficult to make a mistake, wanting to bring her pleasure caresses. But for those who are still interested in specific erogenous zones of women, long-drawn their main list.

Inner thigh,

The skin in these areas are very sensitive to any touch of his hands, lips or tongue. But to bite the skin of my inner thigh should not - for that it is too sensitive. By the way, caress her thighs excite women because hips are very close to the genitals, so touching them can serve as a nice introduction to oral sex.

Back of the knee

There are a lot of nerve endings, and you might be surprised by the reaction of the woman to touch the language to the skin at the bend in the knee. However, here too it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the woman will be tickled or hurt. Continue reading

How to spice up sex life: everything is easier than it seems

How to spice up sex life: everything is easier than it seems to diversify the sexual jiznennaya people at some point of life begin to remember with nostalgia the beginning of the relationship with their regular partners or spouses: the time from the views and touching the skin was covered crawl, and the sex was so passionate and bright. Over time sex in many pairs is becoming more and more rare, and the passion remains only a memory. In the bedroom no longer burning candles, Lacy underwear was lost in the depths of the Cabinet and replaced it with something more practical, and talk about children, loans, problems and prospects at work before bed does not help partners again to feel attracted to each other. Yet sex is not completely gone from your relationship, you need to make efforts to diversify the sexual life. Continue reading

Unsuccessful date – the failure of the blue

Unsuccessful Dating can completely spoil yet to start a relationship or make disorder existing ones. What can cause unpleasant situation and cool willingness for further meetings?

Signs that a date was unsuccessful

You just feel
Sometimes you just feel that date has passed not so, as we would like. This is a very unpleasant feeling, especially if you like the person with whom it was a date, but in most cases it is, unfortunately, turns out to be true.

He/she entire evening was talking with other people
If the restaurant partner is very busy talking to the waiter, in a movie jokes funny moments with someone sitting near, and even in the queue for tickets talking all around, it a bad sign. One thing is just to be polite, and quite another to give others more attention than the person with whom you come. Some people do it just because very nervous, but in many cases this means that people regret having come on a date, and the next meeting you most likely will not. Continue reading

Talks on a first date: for conversations

Many do not feel too confident, lost, don't know what to say. But how successful will be the first date, depends, will there be a second, so before you go to meet a potential partner, you need to learn a few tips.

Hairstyle, clothes, shoes, accessories, perfume, choice of restaurant or bar - all this is very important for a first date was a success. But even more important is the talk on a first date. If partners raise awkward topic, if someone is talking too much about themselves or between them regularly hangs awkward silence, it is likely that the second appointment will not be easy. What to say on a first date, to make a good impression?

How it all began

On the first date, most people talk about their education, work, Hobbies, sports, which they do. Ask the person with which it all started - why he chose this profession, as introduced to the sport? So not only will you show interest to his personality, but also get to know the person (needless to say that there is a big difference between people who choose the profession at the insistence of parents and those who follow his heart?). Continue reading

How to make compliments men – tips for women

Without exception, all compliments, but men hear them often, so for them, they are the most desirable and enjoyable. Even tough looking man probably wants to hear a compliment in his address, and not because he lacks attention - just all need from time to time to receive confirmation that their dignity see and appreciate. Therefore compliments men are no less important than women.

Men rarely say compliments to each other, except that notice achievements in sports or admire caught buddy fish - but it's not a compliment, but a statement of fact. Women can do compliments when flirting with a man, but then it is not very clear, they say from the heart, or only in order to win sympathy. Therefore, any man would be pleased to hear from simple woman friendly compliment, highlighting one of its numerous advantages.

The most pleasant for them are the compliments that celebrate the power and masculinity. Of course, you will not be mistaken if I say to the man he looks great (although it can be a bit confusing), but this is not the only compliment that you can talk to men. Continue reading

How to refresh relations

Remember how in the beginning, when you only just found each other, you were in the seventh heaven with happiness, he could talk for hours about him to the friends and absolutely could not live without him? And now it's not so. Now all the usual, ordinary and boring even. Don't be sad and don't worry. All in your hands.

How to refresh?

Go back into the past

Try together to sort through old photographs from childhood, your joint pictures, made a year or two, a few years ago. When will all this to look, smile and say, "Say, why then you must fall in love with me?" Maybe he'll tell you something, very sweet and gentle that still never spoke. And by his words your heart again clogged stronger. Reminiscing, and I remember why I fell in love.

More often communicate with lonely friends

They're not your time will complain, as it is difficult nowadays to find a good man, what are they unhappy, as it is difficult for them. And you once again thank the fate that has brought you together.

And if the friends will be proud to insist that live one - the only way in life, smile politely and do not believe. Continue reading

How to satisfy a woman: nice work

This question most men are tens and hundreds of times throughout their lives. Even if a man looks even more severe than Danny Trejo in the way Machete, deep down he wants a woman with him was good, as no one else. Make this possible, how to satisfy a woman, you need to think before you step over the threshold of his or her bedroom.

Be prepared for spontaneity

The first question to ask yourself, thinking about meeting women: "I smell good?". No woman wants to even come close to the man, who smells bad, not to mention the physical contact. So take care of your health so that you would be ready for spontaneous sex in any place at any time. Before you leave home, take a shower, remove excess hair, brush your teeth, and put on the linen and clothes. Don't forget deodorants (if necessary, use a deodorant for feet) and colognes; little gel or mousse hair styling doesn't hurt, either. You can carry a small bottle with a liquid for rinsing a mouth, so you can quickly refresh the breath after dinner or a couple of Beers. These recommendations seem obvious, but in fact many men ignore them, believing that the woman will not see stale socks or dirty hair. However, they notice everything, and such small, at first glance, details, very negatively affect the quality of sex (if it actually comes). Continue reading

In love with you?

Love is a wonderful crazy state, which should experience at least once in life. The code you fell in love, your view of the world can change in an instant. But the main question is to know in love with you?
The experience of love is worth living. And the first love is a memory for life. But how can you tell in love do you really?
We each have our own experience of love, and each is unique as the man himself. Many believe in love at first sight, while others think that it is better when two people understand each other and gradually fall in love.
When you fall in love, you begin to experience feelings completely incomprehensible and inexplicable. Love can be common sense, but it can cause so many chemical and emotional changes that it is almost incredible.
You definitely in love, if you experience the following feelings:
Inexplicable happiness.

Are you ready to kiss the pillow, jump delighted happiness without apparent reason? Perhaps you are simply in love. When you fall in love, the level of dopamine in the brain grows in connection with increase of blood flow in areas where the dopamine receptors.
Dopamine is a hormone of pleasure, which makes you more excited, energetic full of life. It keeps you awake, and make you restless, full of happiness and makes you constantly think of a loved one. Ever tried cocaine? It's like an intense surge of dopamine. Continue reading

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