Romance accompany all our lives with varying frequency. Someone entered only once in the relationship and losing them, never crosses ... How can develop romantic relationships in young people with Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism? For me the relationship - it's something like a holiday romance that can last forever. All corny - flowers, chocolates, and kissing at sunset ... Read this article and learn how the hour of your birth affects romance and love. And yet, if you think this feature ... How to keep romance in a marriage. Be attentive to the words of a loved one, often from their lips pop phrases: "How I dream of ...

Original gift guy on 14 February

Valentine's day is a holiday, which came to taste loving couples. After all, this is a wonderful occasion to say words of love you love and make him a nice gift. But how to make an original gift to the guy on 14 February, when it seems that all that was possible you each other already gave?

There are many ideas that you can implement on this wonderful day. After all, no matter how expensive will be presented thing, the main thing is that with the help of gift you could talk about their feelings.

Original gift guy on 14 fibrillationa gift can be numerous Valentine's day cards that you can hide in different parts of the apartments or in the clothes of a loved one. During the day he will find you cute cards with words of love and to be happy with what you got.
The perfect gift is accessory, such as a keychain, consisting of two halves, for example, the heart. One half will be always with you, the second - with your loved ones. Combining both parts, you will receive a whole, symbolizing the strong bond between you.
Memorable and expensive gift will become your joint portrait or puzzle of your pictures. For young people who are not afraid to laugh at yourself, you can order a gift cartoon.
Joint weekend holiday in a holiday home is perfect for lovers of romance and privacy. Continue reading

What women like men?

Never ceases to surprise the fact that life is beautiful and talented women full of sad stories and their own tragedies. And immediately the question arises: what are the stronger sex are looking for in the clever, the beautiful, and that never caught? Why can't make her happy and give a sense of the most loved and cherished? The answer is quite simple, as however and all that comes to men and their thinking.
At that time, as we torment ourselves diets, fitness, buy tons of clothes and cosmetics, representatives of the stronger sex are trying in every one of us to capture the emotions and inner light, which in pursuit of eternal youth and beauty we often forget.
The man would rather be interested in a lady who believes in yourself, your appearance and capabilities than the one that needs constant assertion. This is quite natural, when a woman looking for man's shoulder and reliable support, however, when it must be able "to stand".
With a good sense of humor
Scientists have proved that men prefer the optimists. A woman who can laugh and make you laugh, not to tire of small problems and way of life and is constantly in a good mood. Continue reading

How to love a man?

Perhaps the question of how to love a man will seem to many strange. Because love itself comes unexpectedly and chooses representatives. You can't control your love feelings and tell yourself who to love and who will not. Turns out you can! Immediately another question, why try to love a man? However, there are such situations when the girl mind understands that the fate brought her to a worthy man ( and healthy, and beautiful, and kind, and rich, and generous, and intelligent, but still loves her madly, with whom be able to create strong family. And here lies the soul, do not tremble heart. But I want to love, not all work relationships on calculation (I mean not only material, but also normal healthy common calculation). What can you do? How to love a man?how to love a man
In such a situation is to seek help from your mind.
There is proven by scientists and psychologists theory: the thought is material. On this basis, built many successful techniques, how to believe in yourself, how to be successful and so on. So why not to use this idea to love a man? It is definitely possible. The main thing is to act.
Start with the fact that highlight two or three positive features of your men, not found in other familiar men. It should be important to you. For example: he is intelligent, he has a great sense of humor, he is rich and generous, he is healthy and strong, etc. Each time thinking about it, repeat these qualities. Praise him in your thoughts for these qualities. Continue reading

The most beautiful women in the world

The name is not just a set of letters or row in the passport, it is the sounds that we hear regularly throughout life. Name distinguishes us from other people and, according to some experts, has an impact on our lives, in our character and behavior. Sometimes, even without seeing a human being, can make his psychological portrait, knowing only its name.
With all the variety of names, scientists have found out, that the most beautiful women in the world - Anna. It is the most widespread - it is worn over 100 million women. This is due to the fact that this name is international, that is used in a modified form in different countries around the world (Anna - Slavic; Ann, Hannah - English, American; Anna German, Scottish, Finnish, Irish, Swedish; Anne - French; Ana - Spanish, Portuguese; Hanna - Hungarian; Άννα - Greek; Gunn - Ukrainian, Belarusian; Hana - Czech; Ana - Bulgarian, Serbian).
In Europe the most beautiful and most common is the name of Maria.
Russian scientists conducted a large-scale sociological survey to find out what the names of women claim to the title of the most beautiful among the male sex. Continue reading

Romantic relationship

It is believed that glorify the romance of the only women that the men's privilege to create a romantic veil in the relations of women and men. The men, whose teeth, yet admit that they do not have a romantic relationship, they sometimes lack these attributes of love and tenderness. Because they want to see their love, surprise of surprises and receiving gifts.
As women, we want to take a romantic actions from men, but you can try also to bring romance into love. Here are some tips on what romantic things we can decide that your man to show how much we love him.
We, the beings of the subtle and more vulnerable, need such strong feelings, and the "deeds of love" is an excellent release pent-up emotions.
Romantic otnosheniia brought to life, does not always require financial expenses. Be creative, a lot of pleasant surprises you can make for a loved at all free!
Here is one of inexpensive ways to Express your feelings, send the romantic e-mail, or SMS. Better to come up with something original, rather than the usual words of love. But we must not be Intrusive, otherwise it will only alienate.
Romantic calls and messages better to do at the right time. They are unlikely to be appropriate in a business meeting or when he is driving.
If you neglect these tips, don't expect admiration from your romance. Continue reading