He had another

You lived a happy family life, but one day everything changed. You learned that her husband loved another. No matter how it happened: you accidentally discovered themselves or husband admitted, unable to tolerate emotional anguish. It is clear that it is time to do something to save the marriage. What to do? In this situation we need to behave correctly. Read these tips, they can benefit you.

Think about what can give you the satisfaction right now, and take care of yourself. Sign up for fitness, swimming, yoga, Pilates. Think about your Hobbies, old friends. Also, remember not to rush into the arms of another for the sake of revenge husband is a path leading to exacerbate the situation, which will revenge itself. Do not avoid also conversations with him, although, perhaps, he will avoid them. Find mutual understanding with her husband. Finally, maybe the man and confessed his love to another just to pour out your soul, that you were a friend to him in this, everyone can see that difficult situation. What seems cruel recognition, may actually be asking for help. Continue reading

Love – what is it?

Love - what is it? Undoubtedly, any of us at least once asked such a question. With age interpretation of the word “love” one and the same person may be changed, supplemented with a new meaning or completely lose its original meaning. We all have their personal opinion on this matter, and it is useless to seek a common algorithm of definition. No wonder joke that love, as God is all talk about it, although no one saw her. However, still refer to scientific opinion on this so pleasant term.

According to psychologists, love is a feeling deeply intimate nature involving other situational emotions, such as tenderness, delight, jealousy, etc., By their essence, is the concept of love covers a rather wide range of emotions that have different strength, depth and subject orientation: from basic positive attitude and ending overwhelming passion.

Indivisibility of human needs in sex as a way of procreation, and in the highest sense, as the optimal opportunities of the same lineage, speaks about the practical unity of both. This understanding of the nature of love feelings was not always such. At different times, psychologists and philosophers often has absolutized the root of love: or reducing it to the reproduction instinct - love like sex, or merely as the highest spiritual gift - Platonic love. Continue reading

In love with you?

Love is a wonderful crazy state, which should experience at least once in life. The code you fell in love, your view of the world can change in an instant. But the main question is to know in love with you?
The experience of love is worth living. And the first love is a memory for life. But how can you tell in love do you really?
We each have our own experience of love, and each is unique as the man himself. Many believe in love at first sight, while others think that it is better when two people understand each other and gradually fall in love.
When you fall in love, you begin to experience feelings completely incomprehensible and inexplicable. Love can be common sense, but it can cause so many chemical and emotional changes that it is almost incredible.
You definitely in love, if you experience the following feelings:
Inexplicable happiness.

Are you ready to kiss the pillow, jump delighted happiness without apparent reason? Perhaps you are simply in love. When you fall in love, the level of dopamine in the brain grows in connection with increase of blood flow in areas where the dopamine receptors.
Dopamine is a hormone of pleasure, which makes you more excited, energetic full of life. It keeps you awake, and make you restless, full of happiness and makes you constantly think of a loved one. Ever tried cocaine? It's like an intense surge of dopamine. Continue reading

How to get rid of unrequited love

Love from this, oddly enough, has not passed. So, you sit down, nervously wine and pour yourself asking the eternal question of the Russian intelligentsia: what to do?
Ideally, of course, turn it in mutual. But now we will talk about that case, where all the ways to do this already tried, and you have firmly set on only one option: to forget it.
In this case, you will help the following recommendations.
1. Take it away from the phone, social networks and ICQ. You know, if you scratch wound healing - it only starts to blood and does not heal much longer. Trying to communicate with him, as a friend, you just comb the wound. It is unprincipled.
2. Hurry up with the decision. Have you ever quit? You cannot quit gradually, only jerk.
3. No novels. Even there is no hope. You can find a young man for one-time sex, but even there is no hope that you will suddenly happen Prince, whether on a white horse, whether on a blue helicopter, and will save you, will help to cure this pain. Until I finish with this relationship, the other will not find. Retrieved.
4. But the boy for sex is what you need. The absence of sexual activity on the brain affected badly Continue reading

How to keep love

In all ages, and scholars, and poets are trying to comprehend the mystery of love. This feeling can immediately take the person to the seventh heaven or cast down into the abyss of despair. To discover the meaning of life or to deprive forces into existence. To make the happiest or the unluckiest on earth. What is love love is caused by a chemical reaction of the body. A plethora of studies on this? The gift of gods or a curse to mankind?
There is a version, according to which the subject. Identified a substance which leads to the origin of love is "echo of love" oxytocin. But here are the reasons why in one case hormonal surge over time fades away, and the other turns into a real and long-lasting feeling, still to disclose failed.
Mythical version of the divided halves of one of the creatures that roam around the world to find each other, cannot be taken for explaining the emergence of feelings of love. Otherwise there would be no such thing as unrequited love. And people would love only once or were alone all his life. And if love is the gift of God is why it brings so much suffering? Continue reading

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