Romance accompany all our lives with varying frequency. Someone entered only once in the relationship and losing them, never crosses ... How can develop romantic relationships in young people with Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism? For me the relationship - it's something like a holiday romance that can last forever. All corny - flowers, chocolates, and kissing at sunset ... Read this article and learn how the hour of your birth affects romance and love. And yet, if you think this feature ... How to keep romance in a marriage. Be attentive to the words of a loved one, often from their lips pop phrases: "How I dream of ...


The most beautiful women in the world

The name is not just a set of letters or row in the passport, it is the sounds that we hear regularly throughout life. Name distinguishes us from other people and, according to some experts, has an impact on our lives, in our character and behavior. Sometimes, even without seeing a human being, can make his psychological portrait, knowing only its name.
With all the variety of names, scientists have found out, that the most beautiful women in the world - Anna. It is the most widespread - it is worn over 100 million women. This is due to the fact that this name is international, that is used in a modified form in different countries around the world (Anna - Slavic; Ann, Hannah - English, American; Anna German, Scottish, Finnish, Irish, Swedish; Anne - French; Ana - Spanish, Portuguese; Hanna - Hungarian; Άννα - Greek; Gunn - Ukrainian, Belarusian; Hana - Czech; Ana - Bulgarian, Serbian).
In Europe the most beautiful and most common is the name of Maria.
Russian scientists conducted a large-scale sociological survey to find out what the names of women claim to the title of the most beautiful among the male sex. Continue reading

Friendship or relationship. How to become for girls beloved man

Many of us are faced with a delicate situations when you really like the fairer sex, but you just can't leave her frenzoo.
Familiar doesn't it? Further complicated the situation, if she goes in for sports and versatile developed, that is, she is very much worthy of fans. How to start a relationship, but not to spoil the friendship? Needless to act boldly, or girl does not love informed head?

First, the girl I love and respect bold and energetic boys, both in personal life and in other respects. According female psychology, this guy will be able to gain much in life if you will constantly operate with pressure and its inherent power.

Secondly cannot safely be taken to rivals, but in the same time, it should clearly manifest to the girl jealousy. It is important at this point not to be in the role of "vests" and not to listen to the problems of choice of other ways to do this, she has friends with whom she could share the emotions and issues that arise in bed.

And finally, try striking to stand out among competitors, and it's not just the look! And do not think that nice girls only like guys with expensive computer gadgets! Continue reading