Unsuccessful date – the failure of the blue

Unsuccessful Dating can completely spoil yet to start a relationship or make disorder existing ones. What can cause unpleasant situation and cool willingness for further meetings?

Signs that a date was unsuccessful

You just feel
Sometimes you just feel that date has passed not so, as we would like. This is a very unpleasant feeling, especially if you like the person with whom it was a date, but in most cases it is, unfortunately, turns out to be true.

He/she entire evening was talking with other people
If the restaurant partner is very busy talking to the waiter, in a movie jokes funny moments with someone sitting near, and even in the queue for tickets talking all around, it a bad sign. One thing is just to be polite, and quite another to give others more attention than the person with whom you come. Some people do it just because very nervous, but in many cases this means that people regret having come on a date, and the next meeting you most likely will not.

He/she all night looking at the clock, and hastens quickly finish date
Perhaps one has to leave the restaurant when you haven't finished dessert or not sipping their coffee. If he decides to bring you home, not only out of the car in order to carry out the door, but leaving almost before you have time to slam the door. And maybe he will just offer you to get home on their own, referring to some things. It's not very polite, but soon everything is clear: something went wrong, and a call from this person can not wait.

The meeting ends too soon
Usually visits start with dinner - between seven and nine o'clock the evening and ends around midnight or even later, depending on what stage are the relationship of the couple. If the meeting ends before the night comes, and takes less than two hours, it is likely that your partner did not like it, and he decided not to waste time. As a rule, if a person appear urgent matters, you will know about it - first, call him, and secondly, he explains everything you and apologizes. If he just says that he must go, and not even trying to apologize - well, a date can be considered unsuccessful.

You are offered to pay half the bill
Both men and women can ask the waiter to bring the two accounts to show that the meeting was not so, as they expected, they don't want.

You are happy that the meeting ended
If, saying goodbye to someone you sigh of relief, a meeting with him can hardly be called successful.

You can't remember the name of the partner, and you don't care
Usually we quickly remember the names of the people who are interesting for us, and with whom it is pleasant to communicate. If you really had a good time on a date, they would know not only the name of the person with whom he met, but a lot of other information about it. Well, if you don't even remember the name, then the person is not interested in you, and a new date can not be planned.

No one talks about the next date
As a rule, if the date is going well, one of the partners is obligatory, at least Scalzi will notice that it would be nice to meet again. If at the end of the meeting people in a hurry to say goodbye and not say anything, "I'll call you"or "I'll See you next week/in a couple of days" means, another meeting will not.

Bad advice: what to do to date guaranteed failed

Say more, listen less
The man invited you on a date? The girl agreed to have dinner with you? So, they prepared a couple of hours listening to your monologue about yourself. If they try to interrupt you to insert a few words, politely listen - but not for long, and then start talking, and no doubt: listen to your continuous monologue is a pleasure.

Act as sales agent
Tell me girl how much you earn, but in the future, will earn more, what a wonderful machine, what you need, what a wonderful man you will become, and how much it will lose, if you do not want to continue with you. Suggest to the man that you not only beauty - which he sees, but educated, well-bred and modest girl, beautiful mistress, and will be a wonderful mother, because maternal instinct you woke up in fifteen years, and since you dream about lovely pink kids unlimited. And don't forget to say how much he will lose, if you do not wish to continue the relationship.


The Council of the girls: dress so that man could immediately assess the advantages of your figure
Mini skirts, tight tops with a deep neckline, short dresses, or even a short dresses are ideal for those looking for a man from the first meeting realized that such a girl should not be missed.

My advice: in any case, don't show your feelings
Stone face, which did not falter not a muscle, even if you find a scratch on the door of your new machine is an attribute of a real macho. Do not let the girl have suspected that you touching her sweet smile that you care about her problems that you want to protect her and care for her. Be firm, don't call her first, do not give flowers, don't say that bored, and wait until she'll rush to your neck for the first kiss.

Unsuccessful date, which got into the Newspapers

Dating are good, excellent, average, bad and very bad. Maybe you think you were in a very bad date, if you had dinner with a man who casual said that is on the Federal wanted list, is writing a book for young people, which outlines his views on how we should live, and believes that a woman's place is in the kitchen? This is really frustrating, but there are Dating worse.

Efren Molina and Gillian Marton. This couple from Florida after dinner in the restaurant went home to Afrena Molina. There Jillian asked her partner, whether she considered him her boyfriend. When he answered in the negative, the woman hit him with a fist, and then started threatening with a knife. The man managed to cope with it, to expel from the house, after that he called the police. A woman who previously had problems with the law, was arrested.
Anthony Maddaleno and Kelly Galbraith. Eighteen-year-old Anthony Maldaline from Miami met Kelly Galbraith at a party and invited her for a date. In the interval between the introduction and the first date of Maldaline with his friend found out the address of Kelly and during visits to each of Maldaline robbed the house of the girl. Besides, on the date the young man had stolen a mobile phone Kelly and left, leaving her to pay the bill.
Devin Norling and Sidney Sanders. This young couple is probably quite regret his decision to leave the restaurant without paying. Their attempt to save $ 25.16 failed when Norling accidentally put on the fire alarm in the restaurant. The staff of the restaurant called the police, teenagers were detained and charged him. On top of trouble, in your purse Sanders was found tube for Smoking marijuana.
Adam Minton and Lea Gibbs. Young people from Wales met through Facebook, and Minton invited the girl to his home movie. When they met, Minton asked Gibbs first to take him to the Mall, where, according to him, he needed to go on the case, literally five minutes. When he returned, Minton got into the car and shouted to the girl went as quickly as possible. Because he behaved with her roughly, she decided to cancel a date, but still took him to the house. At the same time, to the house of the young man drove up the police; and his girlfriend were detained. It turned out that during his brief absence Adam Minton, threatening with a knife, robbed the store; Lea Gibbs was detained as alleged accomplice. At the interrogation Minton admitted that she knew nothing about the robbery, and took the blame upon himself, but still, they are unlikely to be a second visit.

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