How to keep love

In all ages, and scholars, and poets are trying to comprehend the mystery of love. This feeling can immediately take the person to the seventh heaven or cast down into the abyss of despair. To discover the meaning of life or to deprive forces into existence. To make the happiest or the unluckiest on earth. What is love love is caused by a chemical reaction of the body. A plethora of studies on this? The gift of gods or a curse to mankind?
There is a version, according to which the subject. Identified a substance which leads to the origin of love is "echo of love" oxytocin. But here are the reasons why in one case hormonal surge over time fades away, and the other turns into a real and long-lasting feeling, still to disclose failed.
Mythical version of the divided halves of one of the creatures that roam around the world to find each other, cannot be taken for explaining the emergence of feelings of love. Otherwise there would be no such thing as unrequited love. And people would love only once or were alone all his life. And if love is the gift of God is why it brings so much suffering?
Scientists in psychology lead many explanations for the feeling of love. From primitive sexuality by Z. Freud, until a comprehensive spiritual activity of E. Fromm. Many researchers claim that love is not a feeling for someone, and a projection of yourself to another person.
It is a long list and guess which of the theories about the origin of love will be true. But we're not so much interested in the question about the origin of love, as a way to make this feeling long and happy. But these worldly wisdom known to everyone.

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