How to make compliments men – tips for women

Without exception, all compliments, but men hear them often, so for them, they are the most desirable and enjoyable. Even tough looking man probably wants to hear a compliment in his address, and not because he lacks attention - just all need from time to time to receive confirmation that their dignity see and appreciate. Therefore compliments men are no less important than women.

Men rarely say compliments to each other, except that notice achievements in sports or admire caught buddy fish - but it's not a compliment, but a statement of fact. Women can do compliments when flirting with a man, but then it is not very clear, they say from the heart, or only in order to win sympathy. Therefore, any man would be pleased to hear from simple woman friendly compliment, highlighting one of its numerous advantages.

The most pleasant for them are the compliments that celebrate the power and masculinity. Of course, you will not be mistaken if I say to the man he looks great (although it can be a bit confusing), but this is not the only compliment that you can talk to men.

Thanks for the tip

Ask the men of the Board, and then thank him. Men like it when women ask advice with them - it makes them feel stronger and more courageous. Attentively listen to him, and then say, "Thank you for your advice you can always rely on." But do not go too far: the enthusiastic exclamations like "You're so clever, what would I do without you?" completely useless.

Charm and communication skills

Your favorite man incredibly charismatic, he is an interesting interlocutor and soul of the company? My friends thee from thy delight, they say, they like to spend time with you," after such a compliment man will glow with pride.

Driving skills

Every man in the soul I am sure that he drives a car is not worse pilots of Formula-1. The next time you will go with him in the car, do not forget aloud to mention how wonderful he is a driver.


If a man devotes much time to sport, make him compliments associated with the figure. It is desirable that they were specific: no "you Have such a beautiful body," and "you're so well trained muscles of the hands, it is very beautiful".

The attention of other women

When you walk down the street, and on your man ever look the other women, no need to get angry and stronger grabbing his hand. Better say, "You saw how you looked that babe?". If you would like to add the phrase, how fortunate you are that he is near you, the man is going to stay happy and proud of myself.

The ability to choose drinks

If your man has the ability always to choose the perfect wine, cognac, liqueurs and other drinks, praise his delicate taste. If it is, moreover, can do excellent cocktails, do not forget to praise him every time he hands you a drink.

His dreams and ambitions

To make compliments not only for real achievements, but also for what man still wants to achieve. Besides, if you will praise his wildest dreams, in the future he will be willing to share with you my new dreams and plans.

Sense of humor

Every man knows that women appreciate a sense of humor, so why make a compliment to her man for what you are with him are always fun, and sometimes it makes you laugh to tears.

The talents of a sexual nature

Your man is good in bed? If Yes, often make it compliments, and you can expect from him all new experiments. But here we must be careful: if the man in the bed regularly there are setbacks or you simply understand that objectively it is not the best lover, don't give him compliments about sex. Better to work on technique, to experiment, and when it will go smoothly, speak deserved compliments.


He opens the door for you, gives the coat, steps back in the direction that you first entered the Elevator or the subway car? Tell him that he is a gentleman, and you near him feel like a true lady.

Instinct defender

In the process of evolution, men have learned to protect women, and this instinct makes itself felt now. If you tell men that always feel with it security, it will instantly feel more strong and brave.

His friends

Just tell him you like his friends: men appreciate good against women to their friends.


Ask him to open the jar with a lid which you were unable to cope, or do anything else, it is difficult for you. Then thank and praise your man - he doesn't file type, but the soul will feel like Superman.


You meet a man, who seems to know the answers to all questions? It may take a few minutes to find and fix errors in your computer, to talk about Kant, Nietzsche and Heidegger, about creativity of Bruegel (any of them), and to give a few tips on how you change the mode of training to improve their performance? Smart man knows that he is clever, but it will be very nice to hear it from you.


If your man has a moral principles which he strictly adheres to, and with whom you agree, let him know that you appreciate it. "I never met such a man as you. You really are a man of principles" - these words will show him that you really appreciate and understand it.

The comparison with celebrity

"You know when you stepped out of the shower in the towel, you reminded me of Brad pitt times "Fight club". Only he wasn't so sexy". Regardless interested in male life of celebrities or not, compared with recognized as a sex symbol he will be pleased.


If from one sound of your voice the man on your skin tingles and you want as soon as possible to be alone with him, tell him about it.


"I trust you" is not a compliment, but these words will make a man feel significant for the beloved woman, and this is one of the best feelings on earth.

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