Talks on a first date: for conversations

Many do not feel too confident, lost, don't know what to say. But how successful will be the first date, depends, will there be a second, so before you go to meet a potential partner, you need to learn a few tips.

Hairstyle, clothes, shoes, accessories, perfume, choice of restaurant or bar - all this is very important for a first date was a success. But even more important is the talk on a first date. If partners raise awkward topic, if someone is talking too much about themselves or between them regularly hangs awkward silence, it is likely that the second appointment will not be easy. What to say on a first date, to make a good impression?

How it all began

On the first date, most people talk about their education, work, Hobbies, sports, which they do. Ask the person with which it all started - why he chose this profession, as introduced to the sport? So not only will you show interest to his personality, but also get to know the person (needless to say that there is a big difference between people who choose the profession at the insistence of parents and those who follow his heart?).


Tell us about your dreams and ask the interlocutor, dream about it.

Life stories

Tell them in connection with the fact that the participant is saying: "This reminds me of the time that I..."

The first memory

Ask the interlocutor, what his earliest memories, and what age he remembers himself. The probability that this topic will be painful for him, small; much more likely that for the next half an hour you will plunge into the early memories, which have a special magic.

Other "most-most" childhood memories

The most ridiculous, the most clumsy, the happiest memories to talk about it nice and easy. However, you need to ask about childhood as a happy memories of an adult often associated with previous novels, and about them on the first date, it is better not to speak.

The place where he grew up

Perhaps the interlocutor enough detail about it, when will share memories, but if not, ask him to tell about the place where he spent his childhood.

Childhood dreams

And again about his childhood. This was a very gracious subject, because remember being a kid for most people, nice and funny. Ask the interlocutor of my childhood dreams, about which of them succeeded, and what I would like to implement in the future.

Favorite word

"What's your favorite word?" - it is certainly a strange question, but it is possible to obtain very interesting answers. At least, you will enjoy a puzzled expression partner, and at the same time will try to answer this question, for he will surely ask it to you.

Any name

To answer the question, what is your favorite name, it may be easier, but often also have to think about. Why ask such a question? Just for fun. But if the person your name, think about it: perhaps he too is trying to please you, or they are lazy to try to think of something - the one and the other does not speak in his favor.

Sympathy and love

To ask about previous novels on the first date, as already mentioned, it is not necessary, but about love in musicians, actors, literary characters, and maybe cartoon heroes - why not?

Attack of the zombies

Another strange, but the grace of the topic of conversation on the first date. What would you do in case of attack of the zombies? How you would behave if they broke in the door of the bar, where you sit? The discussion of such issues may take half an hour or more, until you decide where to hide, what to use as a weapon, how to run, where to go - there is something to discuss. And if the person looks at you with amazement, and very seriously say that no zombies does not exist? Well, have to conclude that you are a typical nerd, and you decide to spend your time or not... but probably still not worth it. But particularly interested in the topic of attack zombies can start to write scripts rescue in the case of various Apocalypses - virus, meteor, and others.

Happy clothing and other mascots

Maybe your buddy have a happy pair of socks that bring him luck, and he does not eject them, although they have not remained netestovanou place? Maybe he always takes happy pencil on important negotiations? Or go to your favorite team matches in a t-shirt for several years? Ask him about this, and how do these talismans help.

Top movies

What movies are your partner thinks are funny, scary, romantic?

Baby horror stories

Another topic of conversation come from childhood - the horror stories that scare you in a kindergarten or in primary school.

Where have you been and would like to go

Talk to your partner about which countries and cities he has visited and where he wants to go in the future. The conversation on this topic helps you quickly understand how many do you have in common with a man. We can formulate the question a little differently and ask what kind of natural disaster and what animals interlocutor would like to see the eruption of the volcano, polar lights, penguins, blue whales?


On the first date all the people talking about music, but you can go a bit non-standard way, and not to ask about your favorite artists, and what bands or music styles your friend hates, or what kind of music he loved before, but absolutely do not like now.

What on a first date is no need to talk

Of sex - any hints with sexual connotations, talk about your favorite poses, experiments in sex, and so on. An exception can be made if you met exclusively for sex without obligations;
About ex - just don't raise the topic last personal life;
Of income;
About willingness/unwillingness to create a family and have children;
About religion;
About the policy;
About what should or should not, in your opinion, do men or women.

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