The erogenous zones of women: where is the passion?

Sensitive woman's body is one big erogenous zone. And, in fact, a man is very difficult to make a mistake, wanting to bring her pleasure caresses. But for those who are still interested in specific erogenous zones of women, long-drawn their main list.

Inner thigh,

The skin in these areas are very sensitive to any touch of his hands, lips or tongue. But to bite the skin of my inner thigh should not - for that it is too sensitive. By the way, caress her thighs excite women because hips are very close to the genitals, so touching them can serve as a nice introduction to oral sex.

Back of the knee

There are a lot of nerve endings, and you might be surprised by the reaction of the woman to touch the language to the skin at the bend in the knee. However, here too it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the woman will be tickled or hurt.


Many women love when a man stroking, kneading, kisses and bites buttocks.

Back of neck

Just feel the breath of the man she loved on my neck, the woman will feel the excitement, her skin is covered with a crawl. Imagine her reaction to the touch of the lips and the tongue, and light bites. With neck recommended to start erotic massage, floating in the course of the hands, the lips and the tongue - in front of him will not stand any woman.


Most women like it when a man kisses, licks or bites their ears. Blowing in the ear is also possible, but very easy, otherwise it may cause discomfort. In addition, women love when they whisper in the ears gentle, tender or completely obscene words. Excites not only the meaning of words (but still not worth it whisper to ask her to iron your shirt), but the feeling of the hot breath on your skin.


Experts have doubts about whether feet erogenous zone in women, but the fact remains: women love when their feet touching, massage, and sometimes even caressed the lips and the tongue. You may not like the idea of kissing part of the body, which spends the whole day in a relatively tight shoes and sweating, let the woman and took a shower before sex, but you can and should learn massage of the foot. You can use oil or fatty cream, you can do without them, the main thing is to be gentle and careful, do massage with pleasure that the woman saw how you love without exception, all parts of her body. Pay special attention toes, they are even more sensitive than the feet.


Some it may surprise you, but the wrist women, indeed, are very sensitive, especially their inner side, where the skin is almost no hair. Kiss wrist so harmless action that it is quite possible to make a day in the Park or in a crowded cafe, but it will cause the woman thought about other activities, which certainly is not necessary to perform in public places.


And it will not surprise anyone: the chest, or rather nipples - one of the most powerful erogenous zones of women. Most women prefer a gentle, light caress nipples, but some more excite significant bites: find out what they like your favorite, and give her what she wants. In any case, do not forget about the skin around the nipple - it also needs to kiss and stroke: it is less sensitive, but touching it, too, enjoyable, and exciting. By the way, on the skin directly under the breast is also a lot of nerve endings, stimulation of which can give a woman a very interesting experience.


This is the second sensitivity erogenous zone in women (after clitoris, of course). The vagina is the same mysterious G-spot, or point of pleasure: to find it can be quite difficult, but the result justifies the efforts spent on searches. Stimulation of this point is very intense feeling, and can quickly lead to orgasm. It can stimulate both the penis and your fingers or some sexual toys.


The clitoris can fondle tongue, finger, or even both at the same time. Some women themselves say partners, how intense clitoral stimulation they like, but if your woman doesn't, you just observe its behavior: as a rule, it is quite obvious that she likes what you are doing, or not.


If you know how to properly handle the lips of women, you will not have time to make her mad. Many women make the decision about whether they want to sleep with a man or not, while kissing: by the way a man kisses, it is highly likely how good a lover he is. But my lips not only to kiss: they can lick, suck, bite, they can be gentle swipe, and so on.


Ironically, the rump belongs to the female erogenous zones. Of course, it is not as sensitive as, for example, nipples, but in interviews, many women have admitted that kissing and stroking the back gives them great pleasure and reinforce arousal.


Kiss in the belly casts some half-forgotten, but very pleasant and warm memories from my childhood. Such a simple affection causes a feeling of closeness and security, and some women still excites.


Everyone knows that on the scalp, there are many nerve endings, and the touching of the head is very nice, but are allowed only very close friends. Make a woman scalp massage, several times kiss on the head and the crown, and soon she wants from you more.


Palm, more precisely, its inner side, is considered a very sensitive erogenous zone. A palm, you can just kiss and fondle her language, or slow spending on it with the tips of the nails are the causes not the most intense, but surprisingly pleasant sensations.

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