How to satisfy a woman: nice work

This question most men are tens and hundreds of times throughout their lives. Even if a man looks even more severe than Danny Trejo in the way Machete, deep down he wants a woman with him was good, as no one else. Make this possible, how to satisfy a woman, you need to think before you step over the threshold of his or her bedroom.

Be prepared for spontaneity

The first question to ask yourself, thinking about meeting women: "I smell good?". No woman wants to even come close to the man, who smells bad, not to mention the physical contact. So take care of your health so that you would be ready for spontaneous sex in any place at any time. Before you leave home, take a shower, remove excess hair, brush your teeth, and put on the linen and clothes. Don't forget deodorants (if necessary, use a deodorant for feet) and colognes; little gel or mousse hair styling doesn't hurt, either. You can carry a small bottle with a liquid for rinsing a mouth, so you can quickly refresh the breath after dinner or a couple of Beers. These recommendations seem obvious, but in fact many men ignore them, believing that the woman will not see stale socks or dirty hair. However, they notice everything, and such small, at first glance, details, very negatively affect the quality of sex (if it actually comes).


When it comes to making love, the secret of success (as in certain types of business) - location, location and again location. Of course, spontaneous sex in unexpected places - it's great, and to him, as we have said, we need to be ready, but the really good sex is possible only in those dreams where you will not distracting background noise or random passers-by. If you are going to bring a woman to yourself, make sure that your bedroom is disposed to sensual pleasures. Basic rules: clean linen, neatly made bed in a room - at least, no dirty clothes on visible surfaces. Also need to be concerned about candles, decorative elements (for example, the skin of animals on the floor), and condoms. The latter must lie close to the bed, so you don't have a long time apart, when the time comes for them to wear. Place your order in the other rooms, and also in the bathroom and toilet - if there will be dirty, perhaps the woman will not want to get into your bedroom.

Create the mood

The music is the most effective tool to create the mood when you are alone with a woman. As is known, the sex begins in the mind, and correctly selected music will help women to relax and tune in the desired fashion. But this does not mean that you need to include the standard love songs - they are not liked by many. Good folk or jazz music without vocals. Note and tastes women - if it is, for example, a fan of hard rock, you might want to choose this kind of music.

Lighting is also an important element for creating a romantic atmosphere. Optimally to include a floor lamp or a sconce, and light some candles. Many of burning candles, placed around the room, looking great, but remember to keep fire security and what might happen if you after sex sleep, forgetting to put out. And if you are lucky, and right in the window shining full moon, you can do without any additional lighting her bluish light will create in your home a very special atmosphere.

The woman needs prelude

Prelude is not a process of undressing partner and kisses on the lips and neck until you deal with clasps dress and bra. Good lover knows that the prelude begins long before the time comes to unbutton the top button on the blouse women. Light, passing touches throughout the evening, long looks into the eyes, intonation - all of this is preparing the woman for intimacy; a man must by its behavior to show that he wants her, but not to rush things.

When you finally find yourself in the bedroom, continue to act slowly. Remove her clothes, slowly - tease not only themselves, but also her. Pat hands, lips, or tongue that part of the body that you take off your clothes or linen at the moment. Finally, caress her Breasts and genitals, watching the reactions of the partners - how often she breathes, moving her body, and so on. Because all women are different preferences and degree of sensitivity, it is difficult to give universal advice, and supervision of reactions is the best way to understand correctly you are or not.

The use of force

Many women like it when the passion man uses force - certainly, in reasonable limits. Throw the woman on the bed, pressed her hands in bed, make eye, gently biting her neck and other parts of the body - this is all very exciting. Again, watch the reaction of the partner - you will easily understand, when she is not against you acted a little tighter. Allowing her to feel your strength, continue to caress her body until then while she will not ask for more, or you will not see that it is completely ready to fuck.

Take care of her orgasm

In an ideal world the woman orgasm comes earlier, than men, but in reality it is often the opposite. If it happened to you, relax for a few minutes, and then take care of that woman, too, was pleased. If you have no strength to even one act of intercourse, use the fingers and tongue. Do not let the woman have the impression that you are a selfish lover.

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