The most beautiful women in the world

The name is not just a set of letters or row in the passport, it is the sounds that we hear regularly throughout life. Name distinguishes us from other people and, according to some experts, has an impact on our lives, in our character and behavior. Sometimes, even without seeing a human being, can make his psychological portrait, knowing only its name.
With all the variety of names, scientists have found out, that the most beautiful women in the world - Anna. It is the most widespread - it is worn over 100 million women. This is due to the fact that this name is international, that is used in a modified form in different countries around the world (Anna - Slavic; Ann, Hannah - English, American; Anna German, Scottish, Finnish, Irish, Swedish; Anne - French; Ana - Spanish, Portuguese; Hanna - Hungarian; Άννα - Greek; Gunn - Ukrainian, Belarusian; Hana - Czech; Ana - Bulgarian, Serbian).
In Europe the most beautiful and most common is the name of Maria.
Russian scientists conducted a large-scale sociological survey to find out what the names of women claim to the title of the most beautiful among the male sex. The study interviewed more than 50 thousand volunteers. The results showed that men prefer more feminine names, such as Anastasia, Catherine, Victoria, are leaders of the survey, with the most votes. This is followed by such names as Natalia, Tatiana, Ksenia. It should be noted that previously, scientists found - soft female voice men think indicator of femininity. The gentler voice, softer tone, the more attractive it seems woman. Quiet, gentle tones activate in the brain of men plots responsible for leaving offspring, and subconsciously man begins to feel sympathy for the owner of this voice. Therefore, the softer, kinder sounds name is, the more beautiful and pleasant it seems.
Many parents, choosing the name for future girl, try to be original, selecting rare, unusual name. But the main thing is not to overdo it so that Your daughter is not subsequently felt like an outcast among women. Beautiful female name should sound nice and to be graceful, easy - just so it will help the girl to form the best feminine characteristics tenderness, kindness, sensitivity, responsiveness.

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