Love – what is it?

Love - what is it? Undoubtedly, any of us at least once asked such a question. With age interpretation of the word “love” one and the same person may be changed, supplemented with a new meaning or completely lose its original meaning. We all have their personal opinion on this matter, and it is useless to seek a common algorithm of definition. No wonder joke that love, as God is all talk about it, although no one saw her. However, still refer to scientific opinion on this so pleasant term.

According to psychologists, love is a feeling deeply intimate nature involving other situational emotions, such as tenderness, delight, jealousy, etc., By their essence, is the concept of love covers a rather wide range of emotions that have different strength, depth and subject orientation: from basic positive attitude and ending overwhelming passion.

Indivisibility of human needs in sex as a way of procreation, and in the highest sense, as the optimal opportunities of the same lineage, speaks about the practical unity of both. This understanding of the nature of love feelings was not always such. At different times, psychologists and philosophers often has absolutized the root of love: or reducing it to the reproduction instinct - love like sex, or merely as the highest spiritual gift - Platonic love.

Numerous studies of the origin and development of love as a phenomenon, and its functions have established an important role love feelings in the formation of the personality of the man and his philosophy. Plus, it was found that unmet need in love, may lead to a deterioration of not only psychological but also physical condition of the person. Therefore, love and be loved!

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