About student love

With the onset of spring about training, notes and seminars do not want to think. After all, there are far more important things: for example, the spring blooming student love. It would seem, is different than the love of a student from the love of girl-Schoolgirls or graduate? Very many! Because this love is one of the important pages of what is called the best period in the life of any person - student life. And depend on you, what colors will be painted this "book". We offer only the bright colors and original twists of fate!

Love for the teacher...

You never differed good behavior and good attendance. But when one day to practice law, he saw a blonde with long hair and a stunning figure, who was standing at the blackboard, explaining the next topic. At this point you'll see the absenteeism in the end!

By deep regret, the handsome young-teachers - it is very rare.

Let's say you're in luck, and lectures on strength of materials smoothes his miraculous way, or his voice inspires you to create a masterpiece of the essay in foreign literature. There are several "BUT". First, the leadership of the Universities, to put it mildly, does not approve personal relationship "teacher-student". Secondly, your partner is likely married (or just busy). Many girls fall in love with invented the image of an ideal teacher. He seems to perfection, man dreams of. Actually, few people think about the personal qualities of this person. That it has its drawbacks, habits that he was an ordinary man. First of all, you need to understand what you need. Needless to live the dream, which certainly is very different from reality...

Most often in love with his teacher comes quickly and just as quickly leaves young heart. But in any case, this feeling is an invaluable experience. The soul grows up with suffering. Besides, you will become an expert on the subject, which leads thy beloved!

Best guy faculty

Sometimes just boring to go to College, when you know beforehand that everything will be as usual. Quite another matter, when flying on the wings early in the morning to catch before the first pair of his mind. To see his perfect idol! It is as always a beautiful and cheerful. His Hollywood smile cuts down, but to speak about its infinite charm... the Only disadvantage is it's not your property!

You and he. This turn of events is quite possible. It is in the center of the universal lady's attention. It seems that to get into a circle of its dialogue very difficult. So it is useful to know these people are usually very sociable and easy-going. All you need is a "catch" for his interests. If he is a chain event Manager, then come to "brainstorm" (when the team is going to come up with new jokes). If he loves Hiking, enroll in the tourist club. Sings - forward in the vocal Studio.

Perhaps, when you see the life of the student "elite" from the inside, you will understand that this person you do not attract. Besides, womanizer, which millions. And become the next on his list is not the best idea.


You were sitting at the same Desk, he with enviable regularity cheated prepared the - battle of the notes or the solution of difficult problems. But was sent home, and kept the company at student parties. And somehow it happened that friendship was transformed in sympathy.

Answer two questions: does he have a girlfriend? Discusses whether it with you personal life and every encountered on the path of beauty? No? Wonderful. Act. Maybe he's just afraid to admit feelings.

The only disadvantage of these relations: often such novels rapidly running out. Now you have shared interests, lectures and parties. But after graduation will begin another life, and your relationships will have to pass the test.

Someone fall in love?

...Fall in love with the most popular. In those for whom "Sokhnut" all other. This is the wrong approach. Of course, it's hard to be rational when it comes to feelings, but before you select should pay attention to his surroundings.

Instead of over head and ears in love with spoiled female attention handsome, pathological lush, look who "prefer" men. After all, the strong half feels better leader. They are still in school, see the strongest in his flock. You will be surprised, but this can be ugly nerd or, on the contrary, inept losers. The main thing in it, feel the force, listen to his opinion. Near such a person will never disappear!

What love is different from being in love

- If your novel has been a stormy start, and you just "demolished the roof", then your "love at first sight" is not love. This feeling comes slowly. After all, it takes time to know a person. We all wear masks, and a couple of days-weeks impossible to recognize the true essence of your partner. Love ends the same way and started very, very quickly. When love goes out, people can suffer for years.

- In the center of love is the one person. Love you in several men at the same time.

- Love is aimed at creation. You can work, ready to act, of you pours a stream of energy. Love is a disease. With it comes to you reduced efficiency. Lost interest in everything except the object fiery passion.

- Separation strengthens love, falling in love at a distance possible.

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