What women like men?

Never ceases to surprise the fact that life is beautiful and talented women full of sad stories and their own tragedies. And immediately the question arises: what are the stronger sex are looking for in the clever, the beautiful, and that never caught? Why can't make her happy and give a sense of the most loved and cherished? The answer is quite simple, as however and all that comes to men and their thinking.
At that time, as we torment ourselves diets, fitness, buy tons of clothes and cosmetics, representatives of the stronger sex are trying in every one of us to capture the emotions and inner light, which in pursuit of eternal youth and beauty we often forget.
The man would rather be interested in a lady who believes in yourself, your appearance and capabilities than the one that needs constant assertion. This is quite natural, when a woman looking for man's shoulder and reliable support, however, when it must be able "to stand".
With a good sense of humor
Scientists have proved that men prefer the optimists. A woman who can laugh and make you laugh, not to tire of small problems and way of life and is constantly in a good mood.
Your pleasant nature, the purity of morals, education and all of that stuff is, of course, fine, but to the stronger sex I wish they were all still in the beautiful "frame". Well-groomed appearance, a neat appearance, beautiful gait attract the interest of men. However, it is important to remember that young man to everything I want to see you as a clever and interesting person.
Representatives of the stronger sex are in search of someone who would be able to take them for what they really are. Who will learn to love all their eccentricities and oddities, will help to cope with possible complexes and fears, to stimulate and inspire success. Almost all men admit that the majority of modern women want to see held superhero with a typewriter for money, because often do not dare to appear before favourite woman.
An accomplished person
Baby talk can be nice from time to time, however, as a rule, the representatives of the stronger sex love girls with adequate views of life, which are able to maintain a normal conversation, interesting and not very loud. The female brain, which is filled with fairy tales and wrapped in pink mist may amuse guy on the 1st time, however, the companion will choose a rational and Mature girl.

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