How to get rid of unrequited love

Love from this, oddly enough, has not passed. So, you sit down, nervously wine and pour yourself asking the eternal question of the Russian intelligentsia: what to do?
Ideally, of course, turn it in mutual. But now we will talk about that case, where all the ways to do this already tried, and you have firmly set on only one option: to forget it.
In this case, you will help the following recommendations.
1. Take it away from the phone, social networks and ICQ. You know, if you scratch wound healing - it only starts to blood and does not heal much longer. Trying to communicate with him, as a friend, you just comb the wound. It is unprincipled.
2. Hurry up with the decision. Have you ever quit? You cannot quit gradually, only jerk.
3. No novels. Even there is no hope. You can find a young man for one-time sex, but even there is no hope that you will suddenly happen Prince, whether on a white horse, whether on a blue helicopter, and will save you, will help to cure this pain. Until I finish with this relationship, the other will not find. Retrieved.
4. But the boy for sex is what you need. The absence of sexual activity on the brain affected badly
5. Take your favorite hobby, work, friends. Ideally to work took to the maximum of time and effort, especially mental: so you won't have the strength and desire to sigh, looking at his pictures (Yes throw you at all these pictures!). After work is a hobby. If you have time - to friends. Only, for God's sake, not napevaya - so you will not forget. Quite the contrary - after alcohol you will strike on emotions and you will rush to scribble him pathetic SMS.

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