Velvet wedding

Otkrytiya life is like on the road, which can appear absolutely everything: joy and sorrow, UPS and downs, smiles and tears, moments of laughter and minutes of absolute silence. That is why every passing a couple of year can be considered a real achievement. This can explain the fact that each anniversary of family life has its own name.

These small events, wedding anniversary, are a real indication of the strength of love of husband and wife. Today we decided to answer the question about the name of a wedding in 29 years of marriage and how you can celebrate this anniversary. In addition, answer one of the most important questions - what to present at an important time for the family to date.

Velvet relations
Many people say that we should not worry about the celebration of the 29th anniversary, because the front date is much more important than 30 years. Therefore, in the opinion of many people, it is not necessary to fork out for nothing. But it is not so! Every year spent together lives - another year of happiness, and it is worth to make at least a small, but still a holiday. 29-th year of married life is called Velvet wedding.

Velvet wedding encourages spouses to look back and remember how much was experienced together, and to think about how much more is waiting ahead of them. 29-th year of life is an important step for the spouses before the beginning of a new stage of their family life, because in a year they will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their marriage. Velvet - the symbol of all that is dear, a symbol of respect for the honour and luxury. And the wealth of this should be worked together, in love, that means a lot for a quiet and smooth family life.

The celebration of the velvet wedding
There are no canons on how to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Everything is in the hands of a couple. You can arrange a modest holiday in a cordial family or friends with funny contests and dancing. You can relax at dinner in the restaurant, and then to make a home movie with your favorite movies. You can have a little Vic-end for two, visiting places that you think is "yours". If anniversary in the summer, you can arrange a romantic dinner somewhere in the forest near a lake, to breathe the fresh air, enjoying exclusively with each other.

Gifts velvet wedding
To give you not only products made of velvet, but it is better, if the gift will be the velvet of any kind. You can give the couple a trip to the sea in "velvet" season. Let the gift will remind spouses on 29-th anniversary of their life together.

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