How to refresh relations

Remember how in the beginning, when you only just found each other, you were in the seventh heaven with happiness, he could talk for hours about him to the friends and absolutely could not live without him? And now it's not so. Now all the usual, ordinary and boring even. Don't be sad and don't worry. All in your hands.

How to refresh?

Go back into the past

Try together to sort through old photographs from childhood, your joint pictures, made a year or two, a few years ago. When will all this to look, smile and say, "Say, why then you must fall in love with me?" Maybe he'll tell you something, very sweet and gentle that still never spoke. And by his words your heart again clogged stronger. Reminiscing, and I remember why I fell in love.

More often communicate with lonely friends

They're not your time will complain, as it is difficult nowadays to find a good man, what are they unhappy, as it is difficult for them. And you once again thank the fate that has brought you together.

And if the friends will be proud to insist that live one - the only way in life, smile politely and do not believe.

Dinner for two

Or dinner, or Breakfast in bed!). The main thing is that it is nobody but the two of you, was not. Indulge yourself on the occasion of some of your little joint anniversary - remember a day when you first met, really looked at each other's eyes, when he first said that loves you. All this may seem a bit trivial, but a return to the bright feelings may be exactly what you need.

Recreate your first date

It was delightful - casual glance, a smile, an awkward exchange of phrases. If possible, come back to visit, where he met.

Remember how it attractive at work

Remember how strong he is, crafty and skilful. What inspiration to do what he loves to do (still at home or on the service).

Jealousy is not a crime

To see how he interacts with other women, or listen to what they say about him, can sometimes be of benefit. And then maybe you're not will think, "And not whether I was mistaken in the choice?"

Tell us how good he is

Is that part of human psychology - the more you know, the less respect. Shortly after discovering his negative qualities and climb into the eyes. And you're eyes-so close at this point and ask to visit friends - tell them about it. Look, myself and believe what I say.

Tell each other "good-bye"

Spend a couple of weekends alone or with a friend, but the most important - without it. After being a bit away from each other, you better learn to appreciate what they give you your relationship. He will understand that without you his dinner will consist of pasta and tins of stew, and you decide that no craziest party with my friends don't smiles and hugs that can't mean anything other than "it's Good that I have you!".

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