Romantic relationship

It is believed that glorify the romance of the only women that the men's privilege to create a romantic veil in the relations of women and men. The men, whose teeth, yet admit that they do not have a romantic relationship, they sometimes lack these attributes of love and tenderness. Because they want to see their love, surprise of surprises and receiving gifts.
As women, we want to take a romantic actions from men, but you can try also to bring romance into love. Here are some tips on what romantic things we can decide that your man to show how much we love him.
We, the beings of the subtle and more vulnerable, need such strong feelings, and the "deeds of love" is an excellent release pent-up emotions.
Romantic otnosheniia brought to life, does not always require financial expenses. Be creative, a lot of pleasant surprises you can make for a loved at all free!
Here is one of inexpensive ways to Express your feelings, send the romantic e-mail, or SMS. Better to come up with something original, rather than the usual words of love. But we must not be Intrusive, otherwise it will only alienate.
Romantic calls and messages better to do at the right time. They are unlikely to be appropriate in a business meeting or when he is driving.
If you neglect these tips, don't expect admiration from your romance.

Other ways to Express feelings

Ask yourself how people communicated at a distance before the invention of mobile phones, Internet? Wrote letters! Did it deliberately, searching for the words and pouring out tormenting feelings on paper. And not for the world would not change the moment when open this cherished envelope! Reread many times, put it under his pillow, unless you compare it with obtaining smiley?
Progress is definitely gradually overcomes the romance of our lives. So, we come to the conclusion that you need to write letters, which will allow you to experience a whole range of new feelings.

As a woman, you can decorate the letter hearts, tender drawings, leave a kiss lipstick, podesiti spirits. Let it to you in touch through the paper, through distance and time! Such letters have a special energy - they particle of your soul and the warmth of the hands.
And if your favorite is next? This is not a reason to abandon romantic gestures. World of fantasy is boundless! Can one another to write little notes, to inform, where you made a yummy or you are near with candles in the bedroom...
If desired, you can see that romance surrounds us everywhere, it is important to look closely. Banal candlelit romantic dinner, you can make an original, ate it will be held, for example, on the roof! If you are really in love with her man, you can extract the keys from the entrance to the roof and cook a couple of delicious dishes. Do not forget to grab a blanket in case, if the roof is cool. Dancing? Dancing can be the music cell phone would be a partner.
We wish you many happy and romantic moments!

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